Chiropractic Care: Marathon Recovery

27 October 2020
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If you're preparing for a fall marathon, make sure you recover from your workouts can be just as important as logging more mileage. Fortunately, chiropractors who accept local insurance plans can boost your recovery to get you to the starting line healthy and prepared to chase down your goals.

Breaking It Up

Every stride you take in training causes micro muscle tears. Over time, these muscle tears create deposits of scar tissue that can reduce muscle mobility, range of motion, muscular endurance, and strength. Chiropractors who accept local insurance plans can break up these clumps of scar tissue, which can dramatically improve your speed and efficiency.

Graston Scraping:

This technique involves using a massage tool to manually break-up scar tissue deposits. Because this type of manipulation is done without lubrication, it can be uncomfortable and even painful. Before administering Graston scraping, your chiropractor should communicate hand signals you can use to guide the amount of pressure they apply. In some cases, you may experience bruising in areas you get scraped.


Another technique for breaking up scar tissue is cupping. This ancient Chinese technique is predicated on using powerful suction cups to break up liaisons that develop between your dermis and epidermis. Common running issues like hamstring and lower back tightness can be addressed with cupping. When your chiropractor administers cupping, be sure to have them look at the connective muscles and tendons around the area.  For instance, many runners who experience hamstring tightness, also have tight hip flexors and calves. Cupping these areas can loosen things up.

Strengthening Up

Many of the recovery issues marathoners face stem from weakness and imbalances. Similar to your car's tires and suspension system, everything needs to be balanced to operate efficiently. Chiropractors who accept local insurance plans can teach you techniques to give your body the tune-up it needs to stay balanced.

Glute Work:

Your body's strongest muscles are your glutes (butt). Many runners, however, don't regularly strengthen their glute muscles, which can lead to quad and hamstring tightness. This tightness can manifest when you get tired and your form devolves. Your chiropractor can teach you exercises like clamshells and four-way extensions to isolate, activate, and strengthen your glute muscles as quick pre- and post-run exercise.

Eccentric Calf Work:

Although many runners are familiar with calf raises, they probably haven't experienced the power of eccentric calf raises. Your chiropractor can teach you how to regularly perform calf raises, which can stengthen your muscles and reduce common lower leg injuries.

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