Ways Your Chiropractor May Treat Your Shoulder Pain

2 September 2017
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There are many causes of shoulder pain. It could be an injury due to overuse or repetitive motion. The pain could also be referred pain from spinal misalignment. The pain might be due to joint trouble or tendinitis. Because there are many causes, it's a good idea to seek medical help if your pain doesn't go away after a period of rest. A chiropractor is often beneficial when it comes to treating pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. Here are some treatments you might receive for a painful shoulder.

Spinal Adjustment

If the pain originates in your spine, you may benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. To do this, the chiropractor makes quick, forceful movements along your spine or slow gentle movements according to what you can tolerate and what type of treatment is indicated. If your spine is out of alignment, one of your discs might be pressing on a nerve that sends a signal of pain to your shoulder. Your shoulder may actually be fine once the problem with your spine is corrected. You might notice relief from your pain after a single treatment, but chiropractic adjustments are usually done in a series of treatments spread out over a few weeks or months so you get lasting pain relief.

Laser Light Therapy

A low level light therapy treatment might help with inflammation and pain depending on the cause of your shoulder pain. These treatments are easy to endure and they cause no discomfort. The chiropractor uses a wand that emits red laser light on your shoulder. This is called a cold laser because it doesn't heat up your skin. You probably won't feel anything except for the wand gliding across your skin. When the treatment session is over, your pain could be greatly reduced. The light helps speed healing and after a few treatment sessions, your shoulder may be on the way to recovery.

Shoulder Massage

A therapeutic massage can help speed healing of your shoulder and relieve pain. The massage may consist of firm strokes to increase blood flow that nourishes the tissues in your shoulder. The chiropractor may also use an elbow or massage implement to apply deep pressure onto the sore areas of your shoulder to help break apart scar tissue so blood can reach the tissues and enhance healing.

Stretching Exercises

You may need to rest a few days right after your injury, but your chiropractor will probably want you to do light exercises as soon as possible. You don't want your muscles to get weak from inactivity and you don't want to lose any range of motion in your shoulder joint or the stiffness and soreness may get worse. Gentle stretching exercises help keep blood flowing in your shoulder and they put your joint through its full range of motion. Your chiropractor will teach you the best type of exercises to do and offer suggestions on how to stay active while protecting your shoulder until it heals.

Depending on the cause of your shoulder pain, it may take a few weeks to make a complete recovery from your injury. If the pain is caused by a medical condition such as arthritis, you may need to work closely with a chiropractor on an ongoing basis to keep pain and inflammation at bay.