Chiropractic Treatments Might Be The Solution For Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

12 July 2017
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Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain in your wrist because the nerve is irritated from inflamed tendons. This often comes about due to a repetitive motion you make during work. While stopping the motion and rest might help you heal faster, that's difficult to do when your condition is caused by your job. Therefore, you need to find effective treatment, and unfortunately, that is often tricky with this painful condition. Even surgery isn't always a permanent solution. One treatment to consider is chiropractic care. Here's a look at some treatments your chiropractor might recommend to help with carpal tunnel syndrome:

Pain Relieving Treatments

You chiropractor may start with cold therapy to reduce swelling or heat to relieve pain. Ultrasound treatments might also be given because the sound waves penetrate the skin and reach deep to help reduce inflammation and the pain it causes. You could be sent home with a wrist support or wrist brace that holds your wrist and hand in a certain position so that pressure is taken off the nerve. You may be asked to wear the support all day or just at night. By stretching and holding your hand in a way that nerve irritation stops, the pain is reduced and healing can begin.

Chiropractic Treatments Of The Wrist And Arm

The pain from carpal tunnel syndrome may radiate up to your elbow or even go all the way to your shoulder. The chiropractor will probably treat these areas in addition to your wrist. Treatment may consist of gentle massaging motions that relieve muscle tension. Trigger point therapy may be given to work loose scar tissue in your wrist. Your shoulder, elbow, and wrist may be manipulated to restore them to their natural alignment in an effort to relieve pressure on the nerve that runs down to your wrist.

Chiropractic Adjustments Of The Spine

A connection exists in some people between carpal tunnel syndrome and the neck and spine. Limited neck mobility has been noted in those with the wrist condition. Your chiropractor may evaluate you for this connection and administer treatments to your neck and adjustments to your back in an effort to help your carpal tunnel heal and to prevent further pain development in your neck and back.

Healing from carpal tunnel syndrome usually takes several weeks, however, if you must continue your same job function that caused the condition, your healing may take longer. As long as there is inflammation in your wrist and crowding of your nerve, you'll probably have pain that continues to come and go. That's why taking a series of chiropractic treatments over several weeks will help more than just a single session.