Runners, Make Sure You Visit The Chiropractor During Marathon Training

5 May 2017
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Training for a marathon is a huge undertaking -- whether it's your first one or your tenth. All of those miles put stress and strain on your body, leading to fatigue, and if you're not careful, overuse injuries. It's important to take great care of yourself during marathon training, and one way to do that is by seeing your chiropractor regularly. Here are three reasons to see your chiropractor (for a little non-traditioning physical therapy) during marathon training.

It will keep your hips aligned.

Especially if you run on the sides of roads, your hips can ease themselves out of alignment. Since roads are banked, one leg sits slightly lower than the other, when you run and over time, this can cause one hip to sit higher in its socket than the other. This, in turn, can lead to a lot of injuries since one leg is forced to absorb more shock than the other. You may develop Achilles tendon pain, IT band syndrome, or a range of other issues.

When you visit your chiropractor, they can place your hips back into proper alignment. It's a simple procedure that involves bending and stretching your body in just the right way. This will reduce your risk of injuries throughout your marathon training cycle.

You'll recover more quickly.

Marathon training is a constant cycle of tearing your body down and allowing it to build itself back up again -- even stronger. The faster you recover from one workout, the sooner you can complete another challenging one. When you visit the chiropractor for regular adjustments, your spine is left in proper alignment. This ensures no one muscle is put under excess strain, which helps you recover faster. Plus, since a misaligned spine can put pressure on nerves that control your muscles, keeping your spine aligned ensures your muscles function at their fullest so you may not be as sore after workouts.

Your immune system will function better.

When you're run down from training hard, you are more susceptible to illnesses like colds and the flu. But, seeing the chiropractor can help protect you from these illnesses. Adjusting your spine alleviates pressure on nerves that control the immune system so it's better able to do its job, fighting off pathogens. You'll be more likely to arrive healthy at the starting line with the help of your chiropractor.

For many runners, seeing the chiropractor every two to three weeks during marathon training is sufficient, but your chiropractor may give you a different recommendation based on your unique health. For more information, contact companies like Joseph M Crum DC.