Too Heavy a Load: How to Help Your Child Manage Their Back Pain

30 March 2017
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If back or spinal issues tend to run in your family, it is always a possibility that your child could begin to experience these problems. If your child is experiencing pain in their lower or upper back, there are some ways that you can help them. Here are three ways to help your child cope with and get rid of back pain. 

Invest in a rolling bag

If your child is complaining about back pain, one of the most likely culprits is their backpack. Depending on how many books, notepads, and other school supplies your child tends to carry, the backpack may be placing too much pressure on them. Instead of allowing them to carry a backpack, get a rolling bag for them. Make sure that the rolling bag is slim enough to fit inside of their locker or to easily be picked up and put on a shoulder if necessary. Keeping the pressure of too many school books off of a young back can alleviate some back and spine pain. 

Go to a chiropractor

Starting chiropractic treatments early is one of the best ways to deal with familial back pain. Your child can start back pain treatments that pay include proper alignment, medication, or physical therapy. By starting early, your doctor may be able to pinpoint the issue with your child's back and get them in better condition. If your child is able to manage the pain and correct problems by going through treatment, they may be able to participate in physical activities like any other kid without excess pain or strain. 

Transform their sleeping habits

It is common for children to fall asleep anywhere that they can. This may be on the couch, on the floor, or in any other odd position that they find themselves in. Instead of allowing your child to lay down or fall asleep anywhere, acclimate them to laying a particular way in their own bed. Be sure that their bedding is created to support their back and stop any back pain while they are asleep. They may need to sleep on their side or they may need to sleep on their back with their head or lower body properly propped up. Any time your child gets tired, they should go to their designated sleeping area and prop their body in the right position in order to get restful sleep. 

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