Back & Limb Pain: How a Chiropractor Can Give You Natural Relief

12 June 2015
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Are you struggling with pain in your back and limbs after falling off of a bike at a high speed? You may be able to find pain relief without any major treatment, as a chiropractor can help you by using natural techniques. Find out below why visiting a chiropractor is the most ideal way to treat your bike injury, as well as what he or she may possibly charge.

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Pain in the Back & Limbs?

A chiropractor will use several treatment techniques that are based on where you are experiencing pain and how severe it is. However, he or she may not begin treating you until you undergo an examination to make sure there are no major damages from the bike incident that requires a physician's attention. You will have to get your back X-rayed in an effort to find any damaged bones. The chiropractor will also touch your back and limbs so you can let him or her know where the pain is, as it will allow the root of the problem to be treated.

Treating your back pain will likely be performed by the chiropractor adjusting your spine. The purpose of spinal manipulation is to straighten up the joints or vertebrae, as well as to release air from between the bones. The procedure is done manually with only the use of the chiropractor's hands. He or she will manipulate the bones until a popping sound is heard, but sometimes you won't hear any noise. The noise is simply air being released and you should feel immediate pain relief results during the process.

The pain in your legs and arms can be treated by using different massage techniques to relax the muscles. The chiropractor may use massage tools and his or her hands to apply pressure to your muscles. You may have to return to the clinic for additional sessions before the full extent of pain relief is experienced.

What Kind of Rates Do Chiropractors Charge?

The price for a session with a chiropractor will depend on what all is being done to give you pain relief. The minimum price charged on average is $34 plus per session. You can also be charged as much as an extra $159 for an X-ray during your initial examination. Stop by a chiropractor like Airdrie Chiropractic so he or she can give you pain relief for your bike accident injuries!